Road transport

We provide road transportation services all over Europe, including Russia, far East countries, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbeskistan, Kirgistan and the region. Our major routes are from Western Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We provide direct truck transportation or with reloading at our base warehouse in Kaunas, Lithuania.

According to the nature of the goods and also wishes of the client, we would offer the most suitable transportation services. We could offer up to 10-15 trucks for one transportation at a time.


• FTL transportation with direct REF or TENT trucks. We have lots of experience from all over Europe to Russia and the far East countries with direct trucks.

FTL transportation with reloading at our warehouse in Kaunas, Lithuania. By our experience over the years we have learned that when reloading in our terminal in Kaunas, the transportation is way more economic then transporting with direct truck. Some of the clients are afraid of this kind of transportation because of the demage that they think could occur during the reloading process. But over the years most of our clients got convinced that the reloading process is safe and secure, ant that we could reload all kind of shipments with all the care. We could offer the reloading service of all kinds of shipments: goods on pallets, goods that must be reloaded by a hand, industrial cranes and other haevy or oversize machinery or other cunstructions. In case of any loss or damage our warehouse has a civil insurance policy.

LTL transportation. LTL shippings are being usually sent to our terminal in Kaunas.  Part loads are being collected from all over Europe and delivered to our warehouse in Kaunas where all the LTL shipments are being consolidated and shipped to the final destination with full trucks. The goods arriving to our warehouse could be sorted, packed, repacked, etc.

transportation of hazardous goods (ADR).  We have experience in transporting the dangerous goods of the following classes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. 

transportation of non-standard or irregular loads; we organise the transportation of all kinds of oversize and overweight shipments.

door to door delivery.